Chances are, you’ve probably never heard of Make Do And Mend. Hell, I hadn’t until I saw them supporting Set Your Goals back in May. I’m now kicking myself for not getting into this band sooner.

Their first album, End Measured Mile, fused melody and aggression to make a unique sound, with James Caroll’s throaty vocals being a highlight. Everything You Ever Loved follows suit with ‘Blur’ grabbing your attention immediately following a subdued opener. Musically, it’s polished but intense. The solo near the climax of the song comes straight from the Jimmy Eat World book of hooks. It’s an opener designed to please fans. ‘Disassembled’ continues with some fantastic guitar riffs during the chorus – it’s a song that seems to have been written to please fans during their main stage sets at Warped Tour in the US. ‘Count’ is a moody self-examination of Caroll with an almost furious chorus. ‘St. Anne’ is almost ballad-like in its approach, allowing Caroll’s vocals to take the limelight again. ‘Stay In The Sun’ is dipped in pop elements, particularly on the fantastically catchy chorus.

‘Royal’ is a return to MDAM’s heavier moments and would sound perfectly at home on ‘End Measured Mile’. On here, it’s a mid-album highlight. ‘Drown In It’ is a return to the slower melodies with atmospheric strings, before lead single ‘Lucky’ flies at you as the best song on the album with a ridiculously catchy riff to open with. ‘Hide Away’ follows with a slow burn before ANOTHER huge chorus. While other bands fail to keep their quality over the entirety of an 11-track album, Make Do And Mend have no such problem. ‘Storrow’ is a song your head will love bouncing too and album closer ‘Desert Lily’ is filled with aching and a wonderful melody to end the album on a high note.

This is a more melodic Make Do And Mend but it’s also a better Make Do And Mend. The sheer power behind this album, despite a lack of screamed vocals and heavy riffing, is remarkable. A punk band with the ability to write such fantastic softer moments makes MDAM one of the most unique bands around right now. From front to back, Everything You Ever Loved is a constantly changing, exciting listen and should be considered as one of the best albums of this year. It’s time to be introduced to your new favourite band.

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